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LAN Cable Tester With LCT

User's Guide


Thank you for purchasing this LAN Cable Tester Series product. Whether you are a contractor installing LAN cabling as a profession or simply a small
office administrator caring for a LAN, we hope that you will find this product both useful and rewarding.


LCD Display: 2 lines by 12 characters with LED back light
Connectors: RJ-45 (8P8C) jacks with shield
Control keys: MODE/SEL, ESC, and ENTER buttons
Power: 9V dry cell battery.
Size: 15.0(H) x 6.5(W) x 3.5(D) cm
Weight: 180g net

Cable Types

Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP 100, Cat 3,4 & 5)
Foil screened Twisted Pair (FTP 100 and 120, Cat 3,4 & 5)
Shielded Twisted Pair (STP 150 IBM Type 1&6)
RG-58 Coaxial cable (LCT400 ONLY)




Token Ring
AT&T 258A
plus 4 User Defined

Cable Locator

Cable location may be accomplished by using multiple RP-T terminators.
The RP-T locators incorporate factory set I.D. numbers and are available in
ID’s from 1 to 16.


Hand-held and easy to operate.
Easy to read LCD display, with back light.
Easy to diagnose RJ-45 cables (and BNC types with LCT400) with preset
wiring schemes.
Easy to read cable status, verify cable continuity: open, short, and
Scan pin assignment.
Automatic cable identification. (Cable type search.)
Standard pin configurations and four(4) user defined cable wirings
memorized in CPU.
Can save user defined cable directly after testing.
Tests for both shielded and unshielded cable types.
Review the captured pin assignment and failure status.
Maximum testing length is up to 3000 feet.
Identify and trace the other end’s ID. (with up to 16 individual ID RP-T)
Battery low indicator.
Auto power-off function.

Automatic Power Saving Features

The LAN CABLE TESTER has built in power management features intended to extend battery life. By far, the LCD back light is the most power hungry
component in the LAN CABLE TESTER. Use of the LCD back light should therefore be limited to low ambient light applications. The back light may be
toggled ON/OFF by simultaneously pressing the MODE/SEL and ESC function keys. If there is no further menu selection or function testing within thirty
(30) seconds, the back light will be automatically extinguished. Additional power management functions include both a “sleep” mode and an auto “power
off” mode. If there is not any key activity for three (3) minutes, the unit will automatically enter “sleep” mode. All interface circuitry and the LCD display
will be powered down. In this mode the unit draws very little power. Pressing any key will cause the unit to “wake up” to a full functioning state. However,
if there is no key activity for ten (10) minutes, the unit will automatically “power off”. To recover from the “power off” mode, the unit must have its power
switch cycled OFF and then ON. In the “power off” mode the power usage is close to nil. This feature is especially useful if the unit is inadvertently left
powered on. The battery should be replaced when the battery low icon ( ) on the LCD display becomes visible during normal use of the LAN
CABLE TESTER . Additionally, if a low battery is swapped within 1 minute with a new one, the user defined memory contents will be retained. Just
remember to turn the unit OFF before swapping the battery.


Connection: The LAN CABLE TESTER is capable of testing cables in any one of four modes.
Local Test mode is accomplished
by connecting both ends of the
cable under test to the LAN
LOOPBACK IN ports. Local unit
displays an ID equal to zero.
Remote Test mode uses two (2)
with the cable connected between
one unit’s OUT and the other
unit’s LOOPBACK IN. Remote
unit displays an ID equal to zero.
Terminator Loopback mode uses the
supplied terminator ID block connected
at the remote end of the cable, while the
other end of the cable is connected to the


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Specifiche Repotec RP-1703

Di seguito troverai le specifiche del prodotto e le specifiche del manuale di Repotec RP-1703.

Marca Repotec
Modello RP-1703
Prodotto Cavi per computer e periferiche
Lingua Inglese
Tipo di file Manuale d'uso (PDF)
Dimensioni e peso
Dimensioni (LxPxA) 154 x 65 x 35 mm
Peso 300 g
Dettagli tecnici
Connettori supportati RJ-45
Colore del prodotto Bianco
Tipo di display LCD
Tipo di cavo CAT 3/4/5
Standard di rete IEEE 802.3,IEEE 802.3u
Gestione energetica
Numero di batterie 1
Tensione di esercizio 9 V
Condizioni ambientali
Intervallo temperatura di funzionamento 5 - 45 °C
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