Ring Stick Up Cam Elite

Ring Stick Up Cam Elite manuale

  • Setup and
    Installation Guide
    Step 1
    Download the Ring app
    The Ring app will walk you through setting
    up and managing your Stick Up Cam.
    The Ring app is available for iPhone, iPad,
    Mac Desktop, Android and Windows 10.
    Search for “Ring” in one of the app stores
    above, or visit: ring.com/app
    We have an online guide with videos and
    tutorials at: ring.com/setup
    Download from
    Windows Store
    Step 2
    Meet the back of your Stick Up Cam
    Setup ButtonYou’ll be instructed to push
    this during the in-app setup.
    Power Port Plug the orange cable into
    this port to charge your Stick Up Cam. If
    running off battery, make sure it’s fully
    charged before installation.
    Status Light – This light will pulse when
    your Stick Up Cam is in setup mode.
    Setup Button Power Port
    Perform the in-app setup inside near
    your router. You’ll need your network
    name and Wi-Fi password.
    Step 3
    Perform the in-app setup
    Select the plus sign in the Ring app to set
    up a new device.
    When prompted, select Stick Up Cam.
    Repeat this test outside. If video quality is not as
    good, you may need to invest in a Wi-Fi extender.
    Learn more at: ring.com/extender
    Step 4
    Test the video quality
    Before mounting your Stick Up Cam, lets
    run a quick test. Double-press the orange
    button. This will send an alert to your
    mobile device.
    Smile, you’re on camera.
    Step 5
    Select the mount you’d like to use
    You have two mounts to choose from.
    There’s the Quick Release Mount and the
    Security Mount.
    Quick Release
    This mount makes it
    easy to take your Stick
    Up Cam off the wall for
    Security Mount
    This mount offers
    a more permanent
    Step 6
    Remove the swivel arm from the
    security mount
    A) Loosen the bolt on the side.
    B) Remove the bolt completely to set the
    swivel arm free, and set this screw aside
    for now.
    Stick Up Cam
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Ring Stick Up Cam Elite

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