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Radio, mains adaptor, quick start guide and safety/warranty leaet.



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STEP 1 - Plug in & play DAB radioWhat is in the Box?

• DAB / DAB+ / FM RDS wavebands
• Bluetooth audio streaming from smartphone, tablet or laptop
• 2 alarm timers, wake to DAB, FM radio or buzzer
• Station name / multi preset mode
• One touch instant access to favourite station
• Fifties styling
• Adjustable sleep and snooze timers
• FM RDS station name display
• Bass and treble control
• AC adaptor included / Batteries 4 x AA size / LR6 (not included)
• Stereo auxiliary input, line out and headphone sockets

A - Connect to the mains

B - Switch on your radio

C - Select a DAB radio station

Please read the safety leaet provided before connecting your radio to the mains.
1 Place your radio on a at surface.
2 Fully extend the telescopic aerial located on the top right hand
3 Plug the cable from the mains adaptor into the DC power input
socket. Plug the mains adaptor into a wall socket and switch on the
4 A start up screen will be displayed and a station scan will be performed.
5 When a signal has been found, the current time will appear on the
Note: If no signals are found it may be necessary to relocate your
radio to a position giving better reception and carry out a scan for
new stations.
1 On/Off / Volume control
2 Headphone socket
3 Auxiliary input socket
4 Favourite button
5 Mode / Alarm button
6 Menu / Bluetooth pair button
7 Auto Tune button
8 Info / Dimmer button
9 Preset button
10 Telescopic aerial
11 Tuning / Select / Snooze control
12 LCD display
13 Bluetooth indicator
14 Low battery indicator
15 Loudspeaker
16 DC power input
17 Line output socket
18 Battery compartment
19 Micro USB socket for service use only
(inside battery compartment not shown)
Menu Auto
2 3 5 6 7 8 9
htooteulB / SDR MF / +BAD / BAD
Digital Radio
Frequency Range
FM: 87.5-108MHz
DC In: 7.5V 0.8A
Battery: 4x 1.5V AA
Designed & Engineered in the UK, Made in China
Roberts Radio Ltd,
Stoney Lane, Whiston,
Prescot, L35 2XW, UK
Glen Dimplex Europe Ltd,
Airport Road, Cloghran,
Co. Dublin, K67 VE08, Ireland

D - Scan for DAB stations

Preset radio stations

As time passes new stations may become available or you may have
moved to a different part of the country.
1 Press and release the Mode button until DAB is selected.
2 Press the Auto Tune button.
3 Your radio will perform a scan of the Band III DAB channels. As
new stations are found, they will be added to the list stored in the
1 Press the On/Off control to switch on the radio. After each use
the radio will remember the mode used and then switch on in that
mode the next time it is used.
2 If this is the rst time the radio is used a scan of the Band III DAB
channels will be carried out.
1 If needed, press and release the Mode button until the DAB mode
is selected.
2 Rotate the Tuning control to step through the list of available DAB
3 Press the Tuning control to select the station. Adjust the Volume.
4 Some radio stations may have one or more additional broadcasts
associated with them. If these are available they will appear
immediately after the main station.
5 Press the Info button to cycle through the various display options.
The display options are scrolling text, program type, station name,
time, date, channel / frequency, bit rate, audio type and signal
strength (the minimum signal marker (
) shows the minimum
strength needed for good DAB reception).
Note: All displays except the text display will revert to the clock
display after about 10 seconds.

A - Search tuning - FM

1 Fully extend the telescopic aerial.
2 Press and release the Mode button until FM is selected.
3 Rotate the Tuning control clockwise or anti-clockwise and press
the Auto Tune button. Your radio will scan upwards (low to high
frequency) or downwards (high to low frequency) and will stop
automatically when it nds a station of sufcient strength.
4 If the signal is strong enough and there is RDS data present
then the radio will display the station name. Adjust the Volume.
Press the Info button to cycle through the various display options.
The display options are station name, scrolling text, program
type, frequency, audio type, time and date.
Note: All displays except the text display will revert to the clock
display after about 10 seconds.

STEP 2 - Play FM radio

It is recommended that the DAB band be used wherever possible as better results in terms
of quality and freedom from interference will usually be obtained than on the FM band.

Menu options

1 Press and release the Menu button to access your radio’s
menu system.
2 Rotate the Tuning control to highlight menu options.
3 Press the Tuning control to select menu options.
4 To exit a menu, press the Menu button as needed.
To make it easier for you to tune your radio to the stations that you
prefer, you may store selected radio stations as presets. Your radio
holds presets separately for DAB and FM radio modes.
You may set as many or as few presets as you like in each mode.
You can easily switch between displaying all DAB stations (or all FM
frequencies) and displaying only those that you have set as presets.
Any station or frequency which has been marked as a preset can easily
have the mark cancelled should your preferences or needs change.
Presets are retained when your radio is switched off.
1 To setup your preset stations, tune into the required station.
2 Apply a long press on the Preset button so that the tick symbol
shows in the display. This indicates that the radio station is marked
as a preset. To cancel the preset mark, apply a long press on
the Preset button again. Repeat steps 1 and 2 as needed for
any other stations that you want as presets.
3 To view only the preset stations for the currently selected waveband
when tuning, press and release the Preset button so that the
heart symbol shows in the display.
4 To listen to one of the preset radio stations, rotate the Tuning
control until the required radio station is displayed. The radio will
automatically tune to that station. If needed press Tuning.
5 To cancel the preset stations view, press and release the Preset button so that the heart symbol
disappears from the display. Your radio will then be able to access the full station list using the
Tuning control.


Your radio has a favourite button which will automatically select the
required waveband and tune to your favourite radio station.
1 Tune to the required station. Apply a long press on the Favourite
button (for 5 seconds) until the display shows 'SAVED'. To recall
your favourite station, press the Favourite button.

STEP 3 - Bluetooth

1 Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your smart device.
2 Ensure your radio is switched on.
3 Press and release the Mode button until the Bluetooth mode
is selected on your radio. The Bluetooth indicator will ash and
your radio will show that it is ‘discoverable’.
4 On your smart device select ‘Revival Uno BT’. Once the
connection is established the Bluetooth indicator will remain
steady. You may now play your music. Adjust the volume on
your Bluetooth device or on your radio.
5 The audio player in your smart device may be able to respond
to the Play/Pause, Next or Previous track on the radio. Press
the Tuning control to pause playback. Press the control again to
resume playback. Rotate the control clockwise or anti-clockwise
to skip to the next or previous track. Note: Not all player
applications or devices may respond to all of these controls.
6 To connect a different device apply a long press on the
Menu/Bluetooth Pair button. Your radio will become
discoverable by other devices.

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