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Siemens RDX
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CE1B3074en / 28.07.2003 Subject to alteration Siemens Building Technologies / HVAC Products

Operating Instructions


RDX... – the temperature controller that allows you to easily set the room temperature you want. You have
2 choices. You can either rely on the factory settings or make adjustments that suit your individual needs.

Settings and operation

Warmer / cooleradjustment oftemperature setpoints
Buttons for setpoint adjustmentsFan operating mode selector Automatic or Continuous On
Operating modeselectorHeating, OFF orCooling


Normal operationEnergy saving modeDisplay of current room temperature (in Celsius / Fahrenheit), or new setpointHeating ONFan output is switched OnCooling OnDisplay of actualroom temperatureHeating and auxiliary heating On
Are your rooms too warm or too cold?
Normal operation
The + / - buttons allow you to increase or decrease the current room temperature setpoint in steps of 0.5 °C.
To do this, proceed as follows:
or once
The setpoint display starts flashing
Press the buttons again to change the room temperature setpoint
10 seconds after the last press, the new temperature setpoint will automatically be stored. The display stops
Changing from heating to cooling mode
With the manual changeover, modes can be
selected from heating mode, Off to cooling mode.
Off = not in operation.
Display shows that the heating output is active
Display shows that the heating and auxiliary heating
outputs are both active
Display shows that the cooling output is active
Changing the fan operating mode from Automatic
to Continuous On
Fan On
The fan output is switched on when the heating or
cooling output is activated
The fan output is switched on permanently
Changing from normal operation to energy
saving mode
Changeover from normal operation to energy saving
mode takes place automatically via an external
(window switch / remote operation switch, etc.).
(Function inactive if the Heat-Off- Cool switch is in
the Off position)
Display shows normal operation.
Display shows energy saving mode.
Energy saving mode
If you want to change the factory-set temperature
setpoints (16 °C for heating and 28 °C for cooling),
follow the procedure given below (“Changing the
control parameters”).
The setpoint of energy saving mode can be
set to Off.
This means that the controller is not active in energy
saving mode and the parameter display shows Off.
Risk of frost!
Siemens RDX

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