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Siemens WM16S78XEE
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Safety instructions

The washing machine is heavy - take care when lifting.
Caution: frozen hoses can crack/burst. Do not install the washing machine outdoors or
in areas exposed to frost.
The washing machine could be damaged. Do not lift the appliance by protruding
components (e.g. the washing machine door).
In addition to the instructions provided in this document, special regulations from the
relevant water and electric utility companies may apply.
If in doubt, have a technician connect the appliance.
Route hoses and cables in such a way that there is no risk of tripping.

Environmentally-friendly disposal

Dispose of packaging in an environmentally friendly manner.
This appliance is labelled in accordance with European Directive 2002/96/EC on
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment - WEEE.
The directive provides an EU-wide framework for the return and recycling of used

Installation surface

The machine must be stable so that it does not move around.
The surface on which it is installed must be firm and level.
Soft floors/floor coverings are not suitable.
Installation on a pedestal
The feet of the washing machine must be secured with holding brackets *.
* Order no. WMZ 2200, WX 9756, CZ 110600, Z 7080X0
Installation on a wood joist floor
If possible, place the washing machine in a corner.
Screw a water-resistant wooden board (min. 30 mm thick) to the floor.
The feet of the washing machine must be secured with holding brackets *.
* See above for order no.

Installing the appliance depending on model

Install the appliance before connecting it to the power supply.
Risk of electric shock.
For models with a continuous appliance covering plate or a square service flap, the
appliance covering plate can be replaced by a metal cover.
Instead of the appliance covering plate, you must have a metal cover * fitted by an expert.
* Order no. WMZ 2043, WZ 20430
For models with a non-continuous appliance covering plate or a round service flap, the
appliance covering plate must not be removed.
Only install the washing machine underneath a continuous worktop that is securely
connected to adjacent cabinets.
Recess width of 60 cm required.

Scope of delivery depending on model

Also required, depending on the connection:
1 hose clamp Ø 24-40 mm (specialist retailers) to connect to a siphon
a Page 4; water connection
Useful tools
Spirit level for levelling.
Spanner with
WAF13: for loosening the transport safety devices a Page 3 and
WAF17: for aligning the appliance feet a Page 5.

Hose and cable lengths depending on model

Left-hand connection
Right-hand connection
Note: Using hose clips limits the possible hose lengths.
Available from specialist retailers/the after-sales service:
Extension for AquaäStop and cold water inlet hose (approx. 2.50 m).
Order no. WMZ2380, WZ10130, CZ11350, Z7070X0
Longer inlet hose (approx. 2.20 m) for standard model.
Mains cable
Water inlet
for fixing the drainage
hose in place
with hose clip
AquaäStop AquaäSecure/Standard
Water outlet
140 cm
95 cm
120 cm
130 cm
100 cm
135 cm
0 - max. 100 cm
Moisture inside the drum is
due to final testing.

Removing the transport safety devices

Before using the appliance for the first time, the 4 transport safety
devices must be completely removed and kept safe.
If you need to transport the appliance at a later date, always refit the
transport safety devices to prevent damage to the machine.
a Page 6.
Store the screw and sleeve screwed together.
1. Take the hoses (depending on model) out of the holders and the elbow.
Remove the elbow.
2. Unscrew and remove the bolts from all 4 transport safety devices.
3. Take the mains cable out of the holder. Remove the sleeves.
4. Insert the covers. Secure tightly by pressing on the snap-in hook. Insert the hose clip.
5. Secure the hoses in the hose clips.

Water connection depending on model

Risk of electric shock. Do not immerse the Aqua-Stop safety device in water
(contains an electric valve).
To prevent leaks or water damage, observe the instructions in this section.
Caution: only operate the washing machine using cold drinking water.
Do not connect to the mixer tap of an unpressurised hot-water boiler.
Do not use a used inlet hose. Only use the inlet hose supplied or one which was
purchased from an authorised specialist retailer.
If in doubt, have a technician connect the appliance.
Water inlet
Water inlet hose:
Caution: do not kink, squash, modify or cut through
(otherwise its strength is no longer guaranteed).
Optimum water pressure in the supply network: 100-1000 kPa (1-10 bar)
When the tap is on, the water flow is at least 8 l/min.
If the water pressure is higher than this, a pressure reducing valve must be installed.
Model: AquaäStop
1. Connect the water inlet hose to the tap.
Caution: only tighten the screw connections by
2. Open the water tap carefully, checking the leak
tightness of the connection points.
Caution: the screw connection is under mains
water pressure.
Water outlet
Water outlet hose:
Caution: do not kink or pull lengthways.
Height difference between the installation surface and the drain:
0 - max. 100 cm
Outlet into a sink
Caution: secure the drain hose so that it cannot slip out.
Caution: the plug must not block drainage from the sink. During pumping,
check whether the water is draining away quickly enough. The end of the
drain hose must not be immersed in the water that is pumped out! This
would result in the risk of water being sucked back into the washing
Drainage into a siphon:
Caution: the connection point must be secured with a hose clamp,
Ø 24-40 mm (specialist retailers).
Outlet into a plastic pipe with rubber bushing or into a drainage pit:
Caution: secure the drain hose so that it cannot slip out.
10 mm
10 mm
Siemens WM16S78XEE

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Specifiche Siemens WM16S78XEE

Marca Siemens
Modello WM16S78XEE
Prodotto Lavatrici
EAN 4242003540459
Lingua Inglese
Tipo di file PDF
Gestione energetica
Consumo di energia per lavaggio 1.03 kWh
Classe di efficienza energetica (vecchia) A+++
Consumo di acqua per ciclo 56 L
Corrente 10 A
Tensione di ingresso AC 220 - 240 V
Frequenza di ingresso AC 50 Hz
Carico di collegamento 2300 W
Tipo di display LCD
Tipo di carica Caricamento frontale
Colore del prodotto Acciaio inossidabile
Cerniera porta Sinistra
Display incorporato
Lunghezza cavo 1.75 m
Angolo di apertura della porta 165 °
Volume cestello 65 L
Tecnologia Direct drive -
Certificazione CE, VDE
Materiale cestello Acciaio inossidabile
Tipo di controllo Buttons,Rotary
Colore della porta Acciaio inossidabile
Posizionamento dell'apparecchio Libera installazione
Protezione per i bambini
Piedini regolabili
Regolazione piedini 12 mm
Indicatore del tempo rimanente
Durata del ciclo (max) 205 min
Velocità di centrifuga massima 1600 Giri/min
Capacità cestello 8 kg
Sistema di sicurezza Aquastop
Partenza differita
Sistema di bilanciamento carico
Partenza ritardata 24 h
Quantità programmi di lavaggio -
Classe di efficienza della centrifuga A
Silenziosità (lavaggio) 49 dB
Sistema di controllo schiuma
Silenziosità (centrifuga) 74 dB
Velocità di centrifuga minima 400 Giri/min
Velocità di centrifuga regolabile
Altre caratteristiche
Classe efficacia di lavaggio A
Consumo annuale di acqua 11200 L
Consumo energetico annuale 206 kWh
Dimensioni e peso
Larghezza 600 mm
Profondità 590 mm
Altezza 842 mm
Peso 80000 g
Diametro porta 320 mm
Profondità con porta aperta 990 mm
Dati su imballaggio
Larghezza imballo 660 mm
Profondità imballo 690 mm
Altezza imballo 875 mm
Peso dell'imballo 81000 g
Programmi di lavaggio
Programma di lavaggio igienico e antiallergico
Programma lavaggio capi scuri
Programma lavaggio a mano/lana
Programma pre-lavaggio
Programma lavaggio rapido
Programma lavaggio sintetici
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