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  • REV A 12STHT77407
    Stanley Stud Sensor 300
    The Stud Sensor 300 uses electronic signals to locate the center of studs, joists
    or live AC wires through drywall or other common building materials. Once
    the center of a stud has been detected in one pass across the surface, the
    Stud Sensor 300 gives a visual display and sounds an audible tone. A marking
    channel allows you to easily note the stud center and edges on the wall.
    The Stud Sensor 300 will not detect objects in concrete, mortar, block or brick
    work, carpeting, foil faced materials, metallic surfaces or ceramic tiles. The
    Stud Sensor 300 is not designed to locate non-ferrous or plastic objects such
    as pipes.
    Note: Read all instructions prior to operating the Stud Sensor 300 and DO NOT
    remove any labels from the tool.
    Protect Your Eyes, Wear Safety Goggles.
    Detecting Wood / Metal Studs
    Hold the Stud Sensor 300 fl at
    against the surface, making fi rm
    Press in and hold the activation
    button. A series of tones will sound.
    Note: The unit cannot be moved before
    calibration is complete.
    When it detects the stud
    center, the “Center” icon will appear on
    the LCD and an audible tone will sound.
    Use the marking channel located at the
    top of the unit to mark the stud center.
    Open door on back of unit and connect a 9 volt battery
    (not included) to clip. Put battery back into case and close
    back battery door.
    Note: Recommend to replace a new 9 volt battery
    when low battery - “Low Battery” will appear on the
    If all segments of the LCD fl ash on and off when
    the activation button is pressed, move the Stud Sensor
    300 to a different location and try again. Releasing the
    activation button will turn off the sensor.
    Note: While calibrating, the Stud Sensor 300 must not
    be placed directly over a stud, dense material such as
    metal, or over a wet or newly painted area, or it will not
    properly calibrate.
    Slide the Stud Sensor 300 slowly across the surface in a straight line.
    As it detects a stud, the unit will display the relative position of the stud
    on the screen.
    • Marking Channel
    Live Wire Warning LED
    • LCD Display
    • Activation Button
    Stud Location Graphic
    • Self-Calibration Complete
    Depth Detection Mode
    When the unit is calibrated the
    “Ready” icon will appear on the LCD.
    Keep holding the activation button
    during all of the following procedures.
    Note: Once the Activation button is
    released, the unit shuts off.
    STUD or METAL / AC Mode Selection
    Live Wire Detected
    • STUD Mode
    Low Battery Indicator

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