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Safety Precautions
- Use only indoors.
- Do not use in locations where the product may contact liquids such as water
or oil, or where there are large amounts of debris or dust.
- If it emits smoke or abnormal smell, immediately unplug the connected print-
er from the outlet.
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Easy Setup Guide

Wireless LAN Unit
Before setup, check that all of the supplied accessories are included. Please contact the seller if there are deciencies or broken accessories.
Wireless LAN Unit
USB Cable (for power)
Easy Setup Guide (this manual)
STEP1 Installing
Wireless LAN Unit Online ManualWhen you use this product, refer to the online manual. The following useful information for using this product is included in the online manual.
-Detailed procedure for installation/setup
-Initialization procedure -Troubleshooting
-Models supported for connection
-Latest information about this product etc.
Preparing/setting up the conguration appThe wireless network settings for Wireless LAN Unit are congured by using a conguration app.Download and install the app from the web address on the right.Preparing the operating environmentTo connect the printer to a wireless network with Wireless LAN Unit, it needs to prepare a wireless access point such as a wireless LAN router and a device for conguring the settings.
Notes for security when using wireless LAN products
Using a wireless LAN allows devices to communicate via radio waves instead of using a network
cable. While this has the advantage of being able to connect devices to a LAN freely, radio waves
can reach all places beyond obstacles such as walls within a certain range. If security settings are
not congured, incidents such as the following may occur.
- Interception of communications by a third party
- Unauthorized intrusion into the network
- Leakage of information such as personal information, IDs, or card information
- Spoong and falsication of communication data
- System or data destruction
Normally, wireless LAN cards and access points have a security system for handling these
vulnerabilities, so conguring the security settings of wireless LAN products decreases the
likelihood that they will be exploited.
We recommend that you thoroughly understand the vulnerabilities in using wireless LAN
products without conguring the security settings, and then congure the security settings at
your discretion and responsibility before using this product.
To ensure safety, be sure to turn OFF the power and all devices connected to the printer, and then disconnect the printer power plug from the electric outlet before beginning installation.©2021 Star Micronics Co., Ltd. im00632 This document explains the procedure prior to using Wireless LAN Unit. Store this document carefully after reading it.
In the case of MCP31L/LB or MCP21LB, connect it to USB-A port (iPad 2.4A) as shown below.
LAN Cable (for communication)
This product is available in only the following countries.
Two double-sided tapes (for mounting the unit)
Important information about the unit that is required for setup is printed on the
ID label on the back of the unit. If you are planning to mount the unit with the
double-sided tapes, make a note of the following information in advance.
Model name
Serial number (16 digits)
MAC address (12 digits)
Use the mounting double-sided tapes that was included in the package and apply it at suitable positions.
U.S.A (US), Canada(CA)
Belgium (BE), Bulgaria (BG), Czech Republic (CZ), Denmark (DK), Germany (DE), Estonia (EE),
Ireland (IE), Greece (EL), Spain (ES), France (FR), Croatia (HR), Italy (IT), Cyprus (CY), Latvia (LV),
Lithuania (LT), Luxembourg (LU), Hungary (HU), Malta (MT), Netherlands (NL), Austria (AT),
Poland (PL), Portugal (PT), Romania (RO), Slovenia (SI), Slovakia (SK), Finland (FI), Sweden (SE),
Switzerland (CH), Norway (NO), Iceland (IS), Liechtenstein (LI), Turkey (TR), United Kingdom (UK),
Australia (AU) and New Zealand (NZ)
Japan (JP)
* The model name can be found on the ID label.
For details, refer to the online manual.
Connect the printer and Wireless LAN Unit by using the included USB cable to ready to supply power.
Connect the printer's power cable or the included AC adapter to an outlet, and then turn on the printer power.
Check that the POWER LED and LAN1 LED are lit, and that the WLAN LED is blinking slowly.
LAN port
on the printer
USB-A port
on the printer
STEP2 Setup
Checking the Supplied Accessories
Positions to apply double-sided tapes
ID labelID label
ID labelID label
5V 1,0A
Wireless LAN Unit
Conguration app pp.html

Caution- When installing the unit, place the unit so that the connected LAN cable and USB cable do not get caught in anything.- It will not be possible to check the MAC address or other information after the product has been mounted with the included double-sided tapes for mounting the unit. Use the memo in the upper right.- For examples of installing this product with various printers, check the Wireless LAN Unit online manual.
MCP31L/LB、MCP21LB をお使いの場合は、下図の位置の
USB-A ポート (iPad 2.4A) に接続してください。
Use the included LAN cable to connect the printer and Wireless LAN Unit.When using iOS/Android When using WindowsOpen the conguration app, and select [Start Guide (Initial Settings)] > [Use Star Wireless LAN Unit].Finish the wireless network settings by following the instructions in the app.From the Start menu, select [Star Windows Software] - [Wireless LAN Unit Utility].Finish the wireless network settings by following the instructions in the app.MCW10 online manual
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Wireless LAN
Device for conguration
App for conguration
Wireless LAN Unit
Supported printer

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