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    Tripp Trapp® Baby Set™
    Baby set intended for chil-
    dren from 6 months and up
    to 3 years.
    Tripp Trapp® Cushion
    Comes in several colours
    and designs. It fits your Tripp
    Trapp® high chair both with
    and without Tripp Trapp®
    Baby Set™.
    STOKKE® Harness
    4 point harness with attach-
    ment brackets that fits your
    Tripp Trap high chair.
    Applicable worldwide in respect of the chair TRIPP
    TRAPP®, hereinafter referred to as the product.
    The customer has a right of complaint pursuant to the
    consumer protection legislation applicable at any
    given time, which legislation may vary from country
    to country.
    Generally speaking, STOKKE AS does not grant any
    additional rights over and above those laid down
    by the legislation al to those under the ”Extended
    Warranty”, and are not affected thereby.
    However, STOKKE AS, Parkgata 6, N-6003 Ålesund,
    Norway, grants an ”Extended Warranty” to
    customers who register their product in our Warranty
    Database. This may be done via our webpage Upon registration, a war-
    ranty certificate will be issued and sent to the cus-
    tomer electronically (e-mail) or by ordinary mail.
    Registration in the Warranty Database entitles
    the owner to an ”Extended Warranty” as follows:
    7-year warranty against any manufacturing defect
    in the product.
    The ”Extended Warranty” also applies if the product
    has been received as a gift or purchased second-
    hand. Consequently, the ”Extended Warranty” may
    be invoked by whoever is the owner of the product
    any given time, within the warranty period, and sub-
    ject to the warranty certificate being presented by
    the owner.
    The STOKKE® ”Extended Warranty” is conditional
    upon the following:
    Normal use.
    The product only having been used for the pur-
    pose for which the product is intended.
    The product having undergone ordinary mainte-
    nance, as described in the maintenance/instruc-
    tion manual.
    Upon the ”Extended Warranty” being invoked, the
    warranty certificate shall be presented, together
    with the original date-stamped purchase receipt.
    This also applies to any secondary or subsequent
    The product appearing in its original state, hereun-
    der that the only parts used have been supplied by
    STOKKE® and are intended for use on, or together
    with, the product. Any deviations herefrom require
    the prior written consent of STOKKE®.
    The serial number of the product not having been
    destroyed or removed.
    The STOKKE® ”Extended Warranty
    does not cover:
    Damage caused by normal developments in the
    parts making up the product (e.g. colouration
    changes, as well as wear and tear).
    Damage caused by minor variations in materials
    (e.g. colour differences between parts).
    Damage caused by extreme influence from exter-
    nal factors like sun/light, temperature, humidity,
    environmental pollution, etc.
    Damage caused by accidents/mishaps – for exam-
    ple any other objects having bumped into the
    product or any person having overturned the prod-
    uct by colliding with it. The same applies if the
    product has been overloaded, for example in terms
    of the weight placed on it.
    Damage inflicted on the product by external influ-
    ence, for example when the product is being
    shipped as luggage.
    Consequential damage, for example damage
    inflicted on any persons and/or any other objects.
    If the product has been fitted with any accessories
    that have not been supplied by STOKKE®, the
    ”Extended Warranty” shall lapse.
    The ”Extended Warranty” shall not apply to any
    accessories that have been purchased or supplied
    together with the product, or at a subsequent date.
    STOKKE® will under the ”Extended Warranty”:
    Replace or – if STOKKE® prefers – repair the defec-
    tive part or the product in its entirety (if necessary),
    provided that the product is delivered to a reseller.
    Cover normal transport costs for any replacement
    part/product from STOKKE® to the reseller from
    whom the product was purchased. – No travel costs
    on the part of the purchaser are covered under the
    terms of the warranty.
    Reserve the right to replace, at the time of the war-
    ranty being invoked, defect parts by parts that are
    of approximately the same design.
    Reserve the right to supply a replacement product
    in cases where the relevant product is no longer
    being manufactured at the time of the warranty
    being invoked. Such product shall be of corre-
    sponding quality and value.
    How to invoke the ”Extended Warranty”:
    Generally speaking, all requests relating to the
    ”Extended Warranty” shall be made to the reseller
    from whom the product was purchased. Such
    request shall be made as soon as possible after any
    defect has been discovered, and shall be accompa-
    nied by the warranty certificate as well as the original
    purchase receipt.
    Documentation/evidence confirming the manufac-
    turing defect shall be presented, normally by way of
    the product being brought along to the reseller, or
    otherwise being presented to the reseller or a
    STOKKE® sales representative for inspection.
    The defect will be remedied in accordance with the
    above provisions if the reseller or a STOKKE® sales
    representative determines that the damage is caused
    by a manufacturing defect.
    On the last pages of this user guide you will find pictures that describe the assem-
    bly of your Tripp Trapp® high chair and Tripp Trapp® Baby Set™. The Tripp Trapp®
    Baby Set™ should only be used with the seat plate in the first groove from the top
    of the chair. To further increase the backward stability of the Tripp Trapp® chair, a
    replaceable, extended rear glider (”Extended Glider” has been developed for the
    Tripp Trapp® chair. We recommend that you always use the Tripp Trapp® Extended
    Glider while the chair is being used with a harness or the Tripp Trapp® Baby Set™.
    The Extended glider is included in the Tripp Trapp® Baby Set™.
    Seat and footrest placement
    It is important to adjust the depth and height of the seat and footrest to fit the
    size of your child. See illustrations at page 62. The position of the seat and footrest
    should be checked as the child grows - at least once a year! The seat plate and
    the footrest must be supported by the full length of the grooves on the sides (not
    half way supported).
    Seat placement
    Height - The seat is at the correct height when your child’s elbows are level with
    the table top.
    Depth - For correct depth of the seat, position the child’s back against the back-
    rest with the seat supporting ¾ of the thighs. For the child’s best comfort it is
    important that the seat depth is not too deep. Leave comfortable space between
    the front edge of the seat and back of the child’s knee. It is surprising how small a
    seat a 6-8 month-old baby needs! The seat plate should not protrude more than
    4-5 cm in front of the side legs.
    Footrest placement
    Height – The footrest is at the correct height when the sole of the child’s foot can
    rest flat on the footrest, while the thighs are touching the seat.
    Depth – Make sure the forward edge of the footrest NEVER protudes beyond the
    front tip of the chair legs at floor level.
    Cleaning and maintenance
    Wipe with a clean damp cloth, wipe off excess of water with a dry cloth. Moisture
    will leave cracks in stain. We do not recommend the use of any detergent or micro
    fibre cloth. Colours may change if the high chair is exposed to sunlight.
    Product information
    The chair is made of cultivated beech. The varnish contains no harmful sub-
    stances, and the liberation of formaldehyde from the varnish complies with E1
    Safety approval
    Tripp Trapp® high chair assembled with Tripp Trapp® Baby Set™ complies with
    EN 14988:2012
    Rugs and tiles
    To prevent the Tripp Trapp® high chair from tilting backwards, it has plastic
    gliders underneath the legs. Their function is to make the high chair slide
    backwards and return to an upright position when lifted from the floor in front.
    To make sure that the gliders function as intended, the high chair should be
    placed on a surface that doesn’t inhibit it from sliding backwards. That means
    that the surface should be level, stable and with a certain hardness.
    Carpets and rugs that are soft or with long loose ends that the high chair could
    sink into, is an unsuitable surface for your Tripp Trapp® high chair. Uneven floors,
    like some tiled floors could be are also an unsuitable surface for your Tripp
    Trapp® high chair.
    The gliders as well as the floor must be kept clean.
    Be aware of the risk that
    a big frame under the
    table top makes it easier for
    children to push their legs
    against the table and tilt
    backwards. Also note that
    Tripp Trapp® is designed for
    dining tables 72-76 cm high.
    Make sure the forward
    edge of the footrest NEVER
    protrudes beyond the front
    tip of the chair legs at floor
    level. This may cause the
    chair to be unstable when
    a child climbs in and out of
    the Tripp Trapp® high chair.
    X Do not leave the child unattended.
    X Stay in reach of your child.
    X If you use any harness with the high chair make sure it is correctly fitted.
    X Do not use the high chair unless all components are correctly fitted and
    adjusted. Pay special attention to the seat and footplate - make sure these are
    properly fastened before you put your child into the high chair.
    X Do not place the high chair near an open fire or other sources of strong heat,
    such as electric bar fires, gas fires etc due to the risk of fire.
    X Do not use the high chair if any part is broken, torn or missing.
    X Do not use the high chair before the child can sit up unassisted.
    X Always place the high chair on a level stable surface and make sure that the high
    chair has space to slide backwards.
    X Always use the crotch strap in combination with the rail and the high backrest.
    X Be careful not to place small items, toxic substances, hot objects, electrical
    flexes etc near the high chair where your child can reach them, as they may
    cause choking, poisoning or other injuries.
    X Remember to retighten all screws 2-3 weeks after assembly of the high chair.
    After that you should check on and retighten the screws if necessary on a
    regular basis, e.g. every second month. Keep the Allen key for future use.
    X Do not use any accessories or replacement parts not manufactured by STOKKE;
    this may affect your child’s safety.
    X Do not use the high chair as a stepstool.
    X Loosen the screws before installing and removing the rail. This way you will not
    damage the lacquer and woodwork. If the Tripp Trapp® high chair is adjusted
    correctly, you can easily take your child in and out without removing the rail at all.
    X When the footrest is positioned close to the metal rod,
    there will be a small gap between the inside of the chair
    legs and the metal rod. This is perfectly normal. Never
    try to use excessive force to make the metal rod touch
    the side legs of the chair as this can cause damage to
    the chair and/or make it unstable.
    X NEVER use the Tripp Trapp® chair without a glider.
Stokke Tripp Trapp Baby Set

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