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Digital Monitor & Recorder

Quick Start Guide


Lets get started.

Congratulations on the purchase of your Digital Monitor & Recorder device. This quick start
guide will assist you with getting your device up and running as soon as possible. We recommend
that you connect everything and give it a try before you do a permanent installation, to make
sure nothing was damaged during shipping.
A) Power Switch - Switch this to the ON
position to turn the device on. Switch to the
OFF position to turn the device off.
B) Micro-SD Card Slot - Insert a Micro-SD
card into this slot. A Micro-SD card is required
to record video events. It is compatible with
cards up to 32GB in size.
Power Socket - Connect the power
adapter here.
As the device has a built-in
battery, disconnecting the power adapter will
not turn the device off. Use the power switch
to turn the device off.
QH_410PK2260214E | © Swann 2014

Getting to know your device


Step Two


Step Three


Connect to your Home Network

Screw the included antenna
clockwise to the gold
coloured connection on the
camera. Continue until it is
securely fastened. Position
the antenna upright for best
reception quality.
You should now see a live video
image appear on-screen. For a full
explaination of the various icons
and options available, please have
a look at the setup guide included.
D) Antenna - Adjust the antenna so they are
placed vertically.
E) Reset - If the device becomes unrespon-
sive, use a paperclip to reset.
F) Speaker - Audio transmitted from the
camera and audio alerts from the device will
be heard from here.
G) Stand - Pull out the stand so you can place
the device on a flat surface for easy viewing.
H) LAN - Connect this to your home network
so you can use the Swann DigiView app on
your mobile device.
I) Event LED - This LED will light up blue
whenever an event has occurred. When that
particular event has been viewed on the device,
the LED will turn off.
J) Battery LED - This LED will light up green
to indicate that the battery is fully charged.
When charging the battery, the LED will
light up orange. When the battery is run-
ning very low, the LED will turn red and
start flashing.
K) Home Button - Press the home button to
access the main menu. Press it again to view
a live video image from your camera(s). For
a full explaination of the various icons and
options available, please have a look at the
setup guide included.

Step One

Peel off the plastic cover that is protecting
the LCD display.
Connect the DC 5V power supply
to the power input on the device.
L) IR (Infrared) LEDs -
The camera will use
these in low-light conditions to generate
a black and white image, even in total
M) Power LED - The power LED will turn
red to indicate that the camera is working.
When pressing the pair button on the
camera, the LED will momentarily flash.
N) Light Sensor - Detects the amount of
light available and turns on the IR LEDs
when necessary.
O) PIR (Passive infrared) Sensor - This
is an electronic sensor that measures
infrared light radiating from objects in its
field of view.
P) Pair Button - Press to pair the camera
with the Digital Monitor & Recorder device.
Please have a look at the included setup
guide for more information about pairing.
Q) Antenna - The included antenna
connects here.
Connect the DC 9V
power supply to the
other end of the
power cable.
Inter net
Ether net
Flick the power switch to the ON position. You
will momentarily see a Swann logo and a “No
Signal” message will appear on-screen. Don’t
worry, this is normal.
An Ethernet connection is required
to use the Swann DigiView app on
your mobile device. Connect the
Ethernet cable (supplied) to the
LAN connection on the device,
and then connect the other end to
a spare port on your router.


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Specifiche Swann ADW-410

Di seguito troverai le specifiche del prodotto e le specifiche del manuale di Swann ADW-410.

Marca Swann
Modello ADW-410 | SWADW-410CAM-UK
Prodotto Telecamere di sorveglianza
Lingua Inglese
Tipo di file Manuale d'uso (PDF)
Tipo Telecamera di sicurezza IP
Posizionamento supportato Interno
Modalità giorno/notte
Tecnologia di connessione Cablato
Massima distanza di funzionamento 50 m
Fattore di forma Capocorda
Colore del prodotto Bianco
Tipo di montaggio Soffitto/muro
Risoluzione massima 1280 x 720 Pixel
Macchina fotografica
Illuminazione min. - lx
Angolo di visione dell'obiettivo, orizzontale 60 °
Sensore d'immagine
Tipo sensore CMOS
Sistema di lente
Diametro lente 3.8 mm
Disco rigido integrato -
Veduta notturna
Visione notturna
Distanza di visione notturna 12 m
Numero di LED 20
Collegamento in rete
Collegamento ethernet LAN
Wi-Fi No
Banda di frequenza 2.4 GHz
Microfono, spinotto d'ingresso
Microfono incorporato
Gestione energetica
Supporto Power over Ethernet (PoE) -
Condizioni ambientali
Intervallo temperatura di funzionamento -10 - 50 °C
Contenuto dell'imballo
Adattatore AC/DC
Kit di montaggio
Guida utente
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