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Initial Setup
1. This scale operates on one CR2032 Lithium battery (included).
2. The battery is already installed. To activate, pull out the insulation
strip from the battery door.
3. After pulling the strip, rest the scale on a flat, even surface.
4. Press the Øbutton to turn the unit on. The display should read 0
(zero). Go to “Calibration” section to calibrate the scale if the
reading is other than 0 (zero).
Battery replacement:
Your Taylor® scale is equipped with a low battery indicator. It will
display a low battery icon or readings will grow dim or become
irregular if the battery needs replacement.
Using a coin in the battery cover slot, rotate the battery door to the
“OPEN” position. Remove the non-functioning battery. Replace with
one CR2032 Lithium battery according to the polarity indicated. Again
using a coin, rotate the battery door in reverse direction to the
“CLOSE” position. Follow steps #3 & #4 above.
1 kg/L
1.03 kg/L
0.9 kg/L
0.84 kg/L
0.6 kg/L
Unit of Measure (U) available
Weight & Volume Measurement (cont.)
needed (see below for which units of measure are available for
which ingredients/modes).
4. Place the ingredient into the cup.
5. Be sure that the unit is on a hard, level surface. Do not hold the
unit in the air during the weighing process.
NOTE: The volume measurement is converted from the weight &
the pre-set density of the ingredient. There are different types of milk,
oil, sugar or flour in the market. The density and type of ingredients
being used for the scale are shown below. We have also included a
handy conversion chart for your use and reference to assist you in
converting other foods from weight (FL OZ, mL, LBS-OZ, GRAMS) to
volume (CUPs).
Press (U) button to change to the desired unit of measure if
The digital measurement increments for CUPS = 1/8 Cup;
FL OZ = 1/8 FL OZ; OZ = 1/8 OZ; GRAM = 1 Gram; mL = 1 mL.
For items that are lighter or smaller amounts, select gram or mL and
convert back to FL OZ/OZ-LBS or CUPS.
*Milk = skim or 2% - **Oil = Vegetable, Corn & Olive
† Sugar = Granulated sugar
‡ Flour = All purpose flour – unsifted
General Weight & Volume Measurement
To ensure accurate measurement:
• Check the weight of an empty scale every time you first turn on the
unit. The display should read 0 (zero). Go to “Calibration” section to
calibrate the scale if the reading is other than 0 (zero).
• Be sure that the unit is on a hard, level surface. Do not hold the
unit in the air during the weighing process.
Scale Mode:
1. When you initially turn on the unit, the display/function will
automatically default to “Scale” mode.
2. If you are in another mode and want to change to “SCALE” mode,
press (M) button repeatedly until the arrow icon is pointing to
3. Press (U) to change the unit of measure between pounds-ounces
and grams. The unit will default to pounds-ounces.
4. Place the ingredient into the cup portion of the scale.
5. Ensure that the unit is on a hard, level surface. Do not hold the
unit in the air during the weighing process.
Weight unit selection: LBS-OZ and GRAMS
The measurement increments for the “SCALE” mode = 1/8 ounce for
pounds-ounces. If finer resolution and higher accuracy is required,
please select gram for the measurement as measurement increments
for grams = 1 gram.
Flour, Sugar, Water, Milk or Oil Mode:
1. Use the (M) button to scroll between the various modes (arrow
will indicate which mode you are in).
2. Continue pressing the (M) button until you have selected the
mode you desire.
Ø On/OffTare M (mode)U (unit)
Single Press
Change Mode
Select unit of measure (options vary by mode)
(Sugar/Flour: Cups, Pounds/Ounces or Grams)
(Scale: Pounds/Ounces or Grams)
(Water/Milk/Oil: Cups, Fluid Ounces or Milliliters)
Turn unit on
Tare or reserve
Turn unit off While unit is on, hold 6
seconds to calibrate/reset
an empty cup if needed
Hold 3 Sec. Hold 6 Sec.
(Mode)U (Unit)Powering On/Off
• Place the cup on a flat, level surface and press the Ø” button to
turn on the unit. The display will flash “8888”. The display should
read 0 (zero). Go to “Calibration” section to calibrate the scale if
the reading is other than 0 (zero).
To turn the unit off, hold the Ø” button for 3 seconds.
This scale comes with an auto-off feature in order to help
conserve battery power. The unit will turn off automatically after 5
minutes of being in an idle state.
Description of PartsThank you for purchasing a Taylor® Digital Scale with Measuring Cup. Please read this instruction manual carefully before use. Keep these instructions handy for future reference.
Please note: For an accurate reading for any type of
kitchen scale, the scale must be resting on a hard, level
surface. If this scale with measuring cup is held in the hand or
is otherwise uneven, the buttons and digital display may not
function properly.
Initial Setup And Battery Replacement
One Year Limited Warranty
Taylor® warrants this product to be free from defects in material or
workmanship for one (1) year for the original purchaser from date of original
purchase. It does not cover damages or wear resulting from accident, misuse,
abuse, commercial use, or unauthorized adjustment and/or repair. If service is
required, do not return to retailer. Should this product require service (or
replacement at our option), please pack the item carefully and return it
prepaid, along with store receipt showing the date of purchase and a note
explaining reason for return to:
Taylor Precision Products2220 Entrada Del Sol, Suite ALas Cruces, New Mexico 88001 USA
There are no expressed warranties except as listed above. This warranty gives
you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary from state
to state.
Questions about this product:
If service is required, do not return to retailer. For service call 1-866-843-
3905 from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, Mountain Standard Time, Monday through
Friday. To assist us in serving you, please have the model number and date of
purchase available.
For additional product information, or warranty information in Canada or
elsewhere outside the USA, please contact us through www.taylorusa.com.
Patent pending
©2009 Taylor Precision Products and its affiliated companies, all rights
reserved. Taylor® and Leading the Way in Accuracy® are registered
trademarks of Taylor Precision Products and its affiliated companies. All rights
Made to our exact specifications in China.
Not legal for trade
CP3890 7.09

Instruction Manual

Digital Scale

with Measuring Cup

Leading the Way in Accuracy
Weight & Volume Measurement (cont.)
Tare ( set ) Function
It is easy and convenient to build up and mix different ingredients
together all in the same cup. After the first ingredient is added and
measured, you may add another ingredient after performing the tare
function below.
Place the cup with first ingredient on hard, even surface.
Single press Ø” button. The reading will reset to zero and the
“TARE” icon will remain on the upper display.
Now you can add your additional ingredient. Only the weight or
volume of the last ingredient added is reflected in the weight/volume
displayed. Continue above procedure to build up different ingredients
for your recipe.
If ingredients are removed from the measuring cup after using the
Tare function, the display will show a negative number. To reset the
scale back to zero for a new measurement, press the Ø” button. The
display resets to zero.
NOTE: The tare function only operate when the cup is placed on a
hard, even surface
Reversing the Tare Function
Right after the tare function has been performed and the display is
showing “0” (zero) reading with the “TARE” icon showing, you can
press Ø” button to resume the original weight or volume reading
just before the tare function and the “TARE” icon will disappear.
NOTE: The reverse tare function only operate when the cup is
placed on a hard, even surface
IMPORTANT NOTE: It is easy and convenient to mix different
ingredients in the cup. However when mixing your ingredients,
you should avoid pressing down the bottom of the base where
the sensitive weight scale components are located. Excessive force
applied to the base of the cup may permanently damage the scale.
Error MessagesCalibration
= Unstable
The scale is unstable and the unit will turn off automatically. Place the
cup on a hard, even flat surface and turn on the unit again by pressing
Ø” button once.
= Error
The scale is overloaded. The weight or volume in the cup exceeds the
maximum display range (refer “Specification” section).
To be sure accurate measurement, you are suggested to check the
weight of an empty cup every time you first turn on the unit. It
should read 0 (zero).
Calibration for the cup is needed ONLY when the reading of your
EMPTY cup is other than zero. The calibration process will reset
the unit.
To calibrate:
1. Ensure the unit is completely empty.
2. Turn on the unit by a single press of the Ø” button.
3. Be sure the unit is placed firmly on a hard, level surface. Hold the
Ø” button for 6 seconds, during that time the screen will go
blank before the “CAL” icon will begin to flash. Release the button.
Do not touch or move the cup while “CAL” is flashing.
4. The display reading will show “0” (zero) and the calibration is
1. The scale is not dishwasher safe.
2. Do not use in microwave ovens.
3. Do not tamper with the scale's internal components. Doing so
will invalidate the warranty on this unit and may cause damage.
The scale contains no user-serviceable parts.
4. Although your scale is designed to be maintenance-free, it
contains sensitive electronic parts. Avoid rough treatment. Treat
it with care to ensure the best performance.
5. This scale is intended for home/consumer use only. It is not
intended for commercial or medical use.
6. To prevent damage, do not place weight heavier than the
maximum display ranges into the cup.
7. Do not store scale where you store cleaning chemicals. The
vapors from some household products may affect the electronic
components of your scale.
8. Do not store scale on its side.
9. This scale is an extremely sensitive weighing device. In order to
prevent run down of the battery, do not store anything on the
10. Do not dispose of batteries in fire. Batteries may explode or
11. Remove the battery if the scale will not be used for a long
period of time.
12. Do not pour solids or liquids into the cup that are greater than
158°F/70°C in temperature. This includes but is not limited to
boiling water.
13. Do not store/place in refrigerator.
1. Clean the inside of the transparent cup with cold or warm
water with mild soap. Do not use water more than 158°F/70°C
in temperature.
2. Use damp cloth to clean the outside of the transparent cup and
the handle.
3. Never immerse the unit in water or put into dish washer.
Maximum temperature:Does not exceed 158°F / 70°C in temperatureMaximum display range:3000g, 1420ml, 6 cup, 48 fl ozVolume resolution:1/8 cups, 1/8 fl oz, 1 mLWeight resolution:1 gram, 1/8 ozScale Capacity: 6.6 lbs, 3kgBattery: 1 x CR2032 Lithium Battery (included)Cleaning & StorageSpecifications

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