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Safety Certications

Housing Material Safety: FDA 21 CFR 177.1580
Handle Material Safety: USP Class VI, ISO 10993
Product Safety: ASTM F963
Other Compliances: FCC, CE

Safety Precautions



Avoid using damaged power cords or plugs, or loose electrical outlets
Avoid touching the power cord or the device with wet hands
Avoid disconnecting the charger by pulling on the cord
Avoid damaging the power cord
Avoid using the device while charging
Avoid short-circuiting the charger or the battery
Avoid impact to the charger or the battery
Use only the manufacturer approved charger
Avoid power surges while charging that may occur during Thunderstorms or similar events
Avoid handling a damaged or leaking battery
Safely disposed of batteries by following your local battery disposal guidelines and
applicable regulations
Avoid crushing or puncturing the battery
Avoid exposing the battery to extreme external pressure
Avoid exposing the device and batteries to extreme hot or extreme cold temperatures
Avoid using a damaged battery or charger
Please adhere to any and all regulations that restrict the use of portable electronic device
such as in hospitals, airplanes, moving motor vehicles. Please turn off your device where use
is prohibited
Turn off the device in potentially explosive environments such as gas/service stations
Avoid placing the device in the same container as ammable liquids, gases, or similarly
explosive materials
When children are using the device, please make sure that they are using the device properly
Keep the volume at an appropriate level to avoid exposing children to loud noises
Avoid irritating others when enjoying the device in public spaces
Be careful when enjoying the device while moving or walking
Do not attempt to repair, modify or disassemble the device
Please have only qualied service locations repair the device
Avoid using the device if the touch-screen is broken or cracked
Please observe any and all local disposal regulations, policies or laws should you choose to
dispose of the device and the battery

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