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UR81 Universal Controller
Vivanco GmbH, Ewige Weide 15, D-22926 Ahrensburg, e-Mail: 1
( GB ) Operating Instructions -> 1
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(GB) Instructions
Inserting the batteries
Open the battery flap on the back of the
remote control, press the tongue lightly
downwards, then insert 2 alkaline AAA
batteries. Check that the polarity markings on
the batteries and in the battery compartment
are correctly lined up (+=+), then close the flap
carefully. – Always use undamaged batteries.
Adapting to a device (e.g. TV or DVB Set
Top Box (or SAT/Cable) etc.
In order to control e.g. your TV or DVB you
must adapt or set the remote control to it.
There are two ways of doing so: direct control
code entry or code search.
If your UR81 does not understand you it blinks
and you can then repeat the entry. Each
understood entry is confirmed by LED blinking
Direct control code entry using the
enclosed list
Example: setting to control a Panasonic
television set:
1. The enclosed list gives, for example, the
Panasonic Code 153.
2. To prepare code entry, briefly press the
SET button, and then the TV-button, until the
Powerkey lamp/LED lights constantly.
3. Then press the number buttons (e.g. 1 5 3)
in sequence.
4. Once the numbers have been entered the
button lamp goes out and the remote control is
ready to control your appliance.
5. Finally, test the control code setting by
trying to control your television set. If it does
not work at all or not correctly try a different
code from the list or the code search (see
Code search
If the brand of your appliance is not in the list
or none of the codes given fits, we recommend
a code search.
Manual code search
1. Switch on the appliance to be controlled.
Program is running.
2. To prepare the code search, briefly press
the SET button and then additionally a
appliance button, e.g. the TV or DVB button,
until the lamp (LED) lights constantly.
3. Then point the remote control at the
appliance to be controlled.
4. Briefly press the ON/OFF (appliance
on/off) button once. The lamp (LED) blinks.
5. Press the ON/OFF (appliance on/off)
button repeatedly, approx. every second, until
appliance, reacts. - If you notice the reaction of
your appliance too late and the next code has
already been emitted you can go back by
pressing SET and then ON/OFF again. If your
appliance has switched itself off you must
switch it back on again, e.g. on the appliance
or with the original remote control, to continue
searching. - When your appliance reacts you
can also try out other buttons without
interrupting the search. If some buttons do not
work properly, simply continue searching with
6. When your appliance reacts correctly,
press the appliance button e.g. TV and end the
search. The lamp (LED) goes out.
- The search stops after approx. 30 seconds of
Automatic code search
Your remote control finds the correct settings
almost automatically in seconds:
1. Switch on the appliance to be controlled so
that you can watch a TV program.
2. To start the code search, press the SET
button, and then additionally the appliance
button e.g. TV or DVB, for more than 3
seconds until the Power-key lamp (LED) starts
to blink.
3. Then point the remote control at the
appliance to be controlled while the remote
control emits a different ON/OFF signal every
2 seconds.
4. When your appliance reacts, press any
button, except SET, to end the search.If you
ended the search too late, continue to search
using the Manual Code Search (see above).
5. Finally, test the control code setting by
trying to control your appliance. If it does not
work correctly, please try the code search
again. The code search then begins with the
next code in the sequence. - Remember to
switch your appliance back on again if you
wish to continue searching.
Code identification
You can read off the 3-digit codes you have
set at any time:
1. Press the appliance button of the appliance
whose code you want to read off, e.g. TV.
2. Press the SET button and additionally 1,2
or 3, depending on the part of the code you
want to read off. For example, if you press
SET+1 and the code 153 (in this example) has
been set, the lamp blinks once after SET+1 is
released to show that the hundred figure is 1.
All you have to do is count. The ten figure is
indicated after SET+2 is released, e.g. it blinks
5 times for the 5 in 153. The one figure is

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