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Vivanco Viv.Control 3 & 5 Universal Controller
= SETUP (3 s) = Set
= TV
= 1 Set: XXX, e.g. 1 = 1XX
= 5; Set: XXX, e.g. 5 = 15X
= 2 Set: XXX, e.g. 2= 152
(GB) Instructions
Viv.Control 3 + 5
remote control for almost all TV, audio, video and other
infrared-controllable equipment
1 Inserting the batteries
Open the battery flap on the back of the remote control, s. Fig.1.
– press the tongue lightly upwards, then insert 2 alkaline AAA
batteries. Check that the polarity markings on the batteries and
in the battery compartment are correctly lined up (+=+), then
close the flap carefully. – Always use undamaged batteries.
2 Setting label
Attach the enclosed label in your language to the back of the
VivControl so that you can still set the remote control should
these instructions not be available.
3 Adapting to appliances
In order to control your appliances you must adapt or set the
remote control to them. There are three ways of doing so: direct
control code entry, code search or learning the button functions
of original remote controls.
If your VivControl does not understand you it blinks rapidly
several times. Each understood entry is confirmed by an
appliance button blinking once briefly.
3.1 Direct control code entry using the enclosed list
Example: setting to control a Panasonic television set:
3.1.1 The enclosed list gives, for example, the Panasonic
Code 152.
Please make sure you have selected the correct list for
television sets (TV).
3.1.2 To prepare code entry, keep the
SETUP button
pressed until the lamp (LED) lights constantly.
3.1.3 Then press the required appliance button, e.g.
and the number buttons (e.g. 1 5 2) in sequence.
3.1.4 Once the numbers have been entered the button lamp
goes out and the remote control is ready to control your
3.1.5 Finally, test the control code setting by trying to control (in
this example) your television set. If it does not work at all or not
correctly try a different code from the list or the code search (see
3.1.6 How to set the remote control for other appliances is
described in part 3.1. ff. Instead of the TV appliance button,
press another button, e.g. VCR, SAT, CD, CBL, HOME).
Vivanco VivControl remote controls are TV+ remote controls, i.e.
under TV you can only set television sets or video projectors,
but any other appliance under the other appliance buttons.
The button decriptions SAT, ASAT (analog sat receiver), DSAT
(digital sat receiver), VCR, etc. are intended only for easier

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