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Failure to follow the DANGERS,

WARNINGS and CAUTIONS contained in

this Owner’s Guide may result in serious

bodily injury or death, or may result in a

fire or an explosion causing damage to



m Keep this Owner’s Guide for future


m Follow all warnings and instructions

when using the appliance.

m Improper assembly of grill may be

dangerous. Please follow the assembly

instructions carefully.

m Do not use this grill unless all parts

are in place. The grill must be properly

assembled according to the assembly


m Your Weber


gas grill should never be

used by children. Accessible parts of

the grill may be very hot. Keep young

children and pets away while grill is in


m This Weber


gas grill is not intended

for commercial use.

m This Weber


gas grill is not intended

for and should never be used as a


m Exercise caution when using your



gas grill. It will be hot during

cooking or cleaning, and should never

be left unattended, or moved while in


m Do not use charcoal or lava rock in

your Weber


gas grill.

m While igniting the grill or cooking,

never lean over open grill.

m Never place hands or fingers on the

front edge of the cookbox when the

grill is hot or the lid is open.

m Do not attempt to disconnect the gas

regulator or any gas fitting while your

grill is in operation.

m Use heat-resistant barbecue mitts or

gloves when operating grill.

m Use the pressure regulator that is

supplied with your Weber


gas grill.

m Should the burner go out while grill

is in operation, turn the gas valve off.

Open the lid and wait five minutes

before attempting to relight grill, using

the igniting instructions.

m Do not use the Weber


grill in any

vehicle or in any storage or cargo area

of any vehicle, including cars, trucks,

station wagons, mini-vans, sport

utility vehicles (SUVs) or recreational

vehicles (RVs).

m Do not place barbecue grill on glass

or a combustible surface; heat can be

conducted through the legs of portable


m Do not build this model of grill in

any built-in or slide-in construction.

Ignoring this WARNING could cause a

fire or an explosion that can damage

property and cause serious bodily

injury or death.

m Do not store an extra (spare) or

disconnected liquid propane cylinder

under or near this grill.

m After a period of storage and/

or nonuse, the Weber


gas grill

should be checked for gas leaks and

burner obstructions before use. See

instructions in this Owner’s Guide for

correct procedures.

m Do not operate the Weber


gas grill if

there is a gas leak present.

m Do not use a flame to check for gas


m Do not put a grill cover or anything

flammable on the grill while grill is in

operation or is hot.

m Liquid propane gas is not natural gas.

The conversion or attempted use of

natural gas in a liquid propane gas unit

or liquid propane gas in a natural gas

unit is dangerous and will void your


m Keep any electrical supply cord and

the fuel supply hose away from any

heated surfaces.

m Do not enlarge valve orifice or burner

ports when cleaning the valve or


m The Weber


gas grill should be

thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis.

m If you see, smell or hear the hiss of

gas escaping from the liquid propane


1. Move away from liquid propane


2. Do not attempt to correct the

problem yourself.

3. Call your fire department.

m Should a grease fire occur, turn off the

burner and leave lid closed until fire is


m The use of alcohol, prescription drugs,

non-prescription drugs, or illegal

drugs may impair the consumer’s

ability to properly and safely assemble,

move, store or operate the appliance.



m Combustion byproducts produced

when using this product contain

chemicals known to the state of

California to cause cancer, birth

defects, or other reproductive harm.

m Proposition 65 Warning: Handling the

brass material on this product exposes

you to lead, a chemical known to the

state of California to cause cancer,

birth defects or other reproductive

harm. (Wash hands after handling this


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Q1000 | 0077924026300
Manuale d'uso (PDF)
Capacità di incassoNo
Colore del prodottoBeige, Black
Forma zona cotturaQuadrato
Materiale della scocca-
Materiale superficie di cotturaAcciaio inossidabile
Rivestimento della superficie di cotturaSmaltato
Fattore di forma-
Tipo di superficie superioreGriglia
Caratteristiche del coperchioCoperchio incernieriato
Dimensioni della griglia (LxP)430 x 320 mm
Potenza totale- W
Fonte di caloreGas
Funzione di affumicatura-
Sistema di accensionePiezoelettrico
Dimensioni e peso
Larghezza610 mm
Profondità490 mm
Altezza1039 mm
Peso17000 g
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