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This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including
children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or
lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given
supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a
person responsible for their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with
the appliance.
It is important that your freezer stands solidly positioned on the
oor. To compensate for any unevenness in the oor, adjustable
feet are provided on chest freezer models size 320 litres and above.
They are located at the right hand end of the freezer. Adjust the
feet when the appliance is installed (or when yo move it to another
location). When correctly adjusted the appliance will be rmly po-
sitioned on the oor.
If the power cord is damaged, have it replaced by a qualied service
technician. Plug this appliance directly into a GPO
Do not use a double adaptor, power board or extension cord.
WARNING: This appliance must be earthed!
For EU countries, the appliance must be positioned so that the
plug is accessible
For the most ecient operation of your freezer allow minimum
clearances of 5cm each side and the rear for air circulation.
Plug into a properly earthed outlet and switch on.
Close the lid and wait for 3 to 4 hours.
Load food into the cabinet.
Adjusting Temperature
Leave the control knob at the original factory setting. This is correct
for most freezing and storing needs. However, the control setting
can be adjusted if required, by inserting a coin into the slot in the
control knob and turning. (Turn clockwise for colder temperatures).
You should only make small adjustments and wait 24 hours to see
whether you need to make further changes.
General Information
During vacation leave your freezer operating in the normal manner.
However, if you decide to switch the freezer o for an extended
period, remove all food, clean and dry out the cabinet. Leave the lid
open making sure that accidental closure does not occur otherwise
odours will develop inside the freezer.
The front or outside surface of your cabinet will be warm to touch.
This is normal.
Due to the eective sealing of the lid gasket, you may nd that re-
opening the lid immediately after closing is more dicult than
usual. This is normal and should it occur wait a while
for air pressure to stabilise within the cabinet.
Periodically a running water sound may be heard. This is the
compressor lubrication system operating and is normal.
Although food can be frozen anywhere in the freezer, it is advisable
when freezing fresh food to place the items to be frozen against
the sides of the chest freezer where they will freeze in the shortest
possible time.
Please Note.
If the operation of the freezer is interrupted, most foods will remain
frozen up to 24 hours if the lid is kept closed. If the interruption is
expected to be for a longer period, place dry ice around the food
and keep the lid closed until normal operation is resumed. Dry ice
is usually available from emergency services in capital cities and
most large country towns.
Since the main purpose of your freezer is to preserve food, it
should be kept spotlessly clean at all times. Your freezer should be
defrosted when ice is approximately 6 mm thick; otherwise it will
interfere with ecient operation and reduce storage capacity. To
ensure hygiene and eciency, complete defrosting is recommended
AT LEAST twice each year,preferably when food supply is low.
To Defrost
• Switch o power to freezer at power outlet and remove cord.
Remove frozen food, wrap in newspaper and place in a cardboard
box very small items and ice cream should be placed in another
freezer if possible.
• Lift out the internal drain plug from the drain
hole inside the freezer. The internal drain plug has a spout which
forms a T, (see diagram). If dicult to remove, use “T piece to
twist and pull.
• Remove the external drain plug from the front of the freezer and
push either end of the spout on the internal drain plug, into the
drain hole on the front of the freezer (see diagram).
If required t one end of a drain hose (not provided), onto the
protruding end of the spout on the internal drain plug and locate
the other end of the hose into the household drainage, eg laundry
oortrap. NOTE You may choose to run this short hose into a
suitable tray or container, or you can connect your garden hose
onto the protruding drain spout and run the water outside into your
garden etc. If you use a tray or container ensure that it is large
enough to accept any water which may ow out.
- Pour approximately 1 litre of warm water down the drain, inside
the chest freezer, to clear it of possible ice residue.
- Leave the lid open and wait for the frost to soften; pans of hot
water may be placed inside the freezer to speed up defrosting.
- Scrape the softened frost o the walls, using a plastic scraper
TO THE LINER SURFACE. Do not use mechanical devices or
other means to accelerate the defrosting process other than
those recommended by the manufacturer.
- After defrosting is complete and all of the water has drained,
wipe the freezer out with a damp cloth and dry, ensuring the
freezer inner surfaces are dry before reloading frozen food. Water
in the freezer can cause food to stick to liner when frozen.
- Remove spout from front face of freezer.
- Remove hose from spout.
- Replace the internal drain plug back into the drain hole inside
the freezer. Make sure it is seated properly and is tight.
- Replace the external drain plug.
- Reconnect power cord to power outlet and switch on.
- Reload the food to be frozen.


To get the most out of every feature of your Chest Freezer read these instructions carefully.



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