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The minimum distance between the cooker support surface and the lowest part of the hood must not be less than
40 cm, for gas and 30 cm for electric cookers (65 cm from controls as per enclosed drawing) If the installation
instructions for the gas cooker specify a greater distance, this must be taken into account. The fume hose and
hose clamps are not supplied. We recommend that you contact a qualified engineer to have the hood installed.
Also consult the drawings on the first pages of this booklet, with alphabetical references in the description.
Always comply with the instructions and recommendations given in this manual. The Manufacturer declines all liability for any
faults, damage or fires caused by the appliance as a result of failure to observe the instructions and recommendations given in
this manual.
If the hood is used in FILTER version it is used without an exhaust fume discharge pipe.
Fumes and vapour are recycled through the deflector F (11F).
If the product is to be used in EXTRACTOR version, it is necessary to provide an exhaust pipe from the top outlet B to the
external outlet vent.
In this case a collar (11A) must be fitted on the exhaust outlet B and the carbon filter must be removed.
A telescopic flue is also available (as an accessory).
Preliminary information for installing the hood:
Expansion plugs are provided to secure the hood to most types of ceilings. However, a qualified technician is needed to make
sure that the plugs are suitable for your ceiling. The ceiling must be strong enough to take the weight of the hood.
Only for some models
An aesthetic flue can be purchased as an optional accessory. Please check with your After-sales Service to find out whether or
not your model. has this option.
In order to ensure that it is installed in the most suitable way, it is recommended that you only fit the hood after purchasing the
Disconnect the power supply at the domestic main switch before carrying out electrical connections.
Apply the (adhesive) rubber strips C to the back of the hood.
If necessary (if the wall is not perfectly vertical or if it is partially tiled) fit two spacers D in correspondance with the final
fixing holes (snap-fitting).
Trace a centre line on the wall to facilitate installation (1), position the drilling template on it so that the central line printed
on the template matches the central line marked on the wall and the bottom part of the template is aligned with the
bottom of the hood when mounted (2).
Drill two holes (Ø 8 mm) and fix the support bracket to the wall using two wall plugs and screws (3).
Remove the steam deflector and take out the grease filter (see relevant paragraph).
Hang the hood (4), adjust its position (5-6) and from the inside of the hood mark two points for final fastening (7), remove
the hood and drill two holes (Ø 8 mm) (8), insert two wall plugs, hang the hood again and fasten it to the wall with two
screws (9).
Carry out the electrical connection (10), but leave the hood disconnectedfrom the main power supply.
If the hood is to be used in the extractor version, fit the collar supplied on the hood outlet (11A - extractor version - also
install an exhaust pipe of suitable diameter) in place of the deflector (11F - filter version).
Fit the grease filter, fit and close the steam deflector.
If the hood is to be used in the extractor version, remove the carbon filter if there is one, along with the fixing
elements (behind the grease filter - see relevant paragraph).
If the hood is to be used in filter version, check that the carbon filter has already been fitted at the back of the grease filter,
and if this is not the case, purchase a carbon filter and fit it.
Connect the hood to the main power supply.
Gas cooker
Electric cooker
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Manuale d'uso (PDF)
Gestione energetica
Potenza motore170 W
Numero di velocità3
Tipo di estrazioneAspirante/Filtrante
Velocità intensiva
Potenza massima di estrazione630 m³/h
Emissione acustica46 dB
Tipo di controlloPulsanti
Colore del prodottoAcciaio inossidabile
TipoCappa aspirante a parete
Numero di filtri1 pz
Tipo di filtro antigrassoMetallo
Dimensioni e peso
Larghezza800 mm
Profondità435 mm
Altezza757 mm
Peso28100 g
Numero di lampadine4 lampadina(e)
Tipo di lampadaAlogena
Potenza lampadina20 W
Altre caratteristiche
Alimentazione220 - 230 V, 50 Hz, 16 A
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