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Whirlpool is a registered trademark of Whirlpool USA
Add the detergents as described in the programme
table or in the chapter “Detergents and Additives”
in the booklet.
1. Turn the
programme selector knob
to the
desired programme.
2. The remaining time display shows the duration of
the chosen programme (in hours and minutes)
and the indication of the
is flashing.
3. The programme sequence and the predefined
spin speed indication corresponding to the
selected programme lights up.
The recommended temperature (see the
indicator) can be altered by pressing “
/-” button.
Selecting any option the indication lights up.
When the combination of programme, additional
options and temperature is not possible, the indication
lights switch off automatically. Unsuitable
combinations of options are deselected automatically.
“Easy Ironing” button
Can be used together with “Cotton”, “Synthetics”
and “Daily” programmes to make ironing easier.
Increases the water quantity and the clothes are
spun very soft.
“Prewash” button
Only for heavily soiled loads (for example sand,
granular dirt) sensible. The cycle time increases
approximately 15 min.
“Intensive Rinse” button
More water and a longer time in rinse cycle is added.
This option is particularly suitable for areas with
very soft water, washing baby linen and helps
people with allergies.
“Rinse Hold” button
The laundry remains in the last rinse water
without progressing to the final spin cycle to avoid
creasing and prevent colours from changing.
This option is particularly recommended for the
programme “Synthetics”, “Daily” and “Delicates”.
This function is particularly useful if you want to
postpone spinning to a later time, or if you want
to drain only.
The programme stops to “Rinse Hold” at
the time the “Rinse Hold” light in the programme
sequence indication is on.
Terminate the “Rinse Hold” option:
Press the “Rinse Hold” button again; the
programme will terminate automatically with the
final spin cycle for the present wash programme.
If you do not wish to spin the clothes, turn the
programme selector knob counterclockwise to
the “Drain programme and press the
button again when the indication
next to it is flashing.
Approx. Programme
(hours : minutes)*
Cotton 95 6.0 54** 1.90 2:00
Cotton 60 6.0 49 1.14 2:20
Cotton 40 5.0 44 0.60 2:05
Synthetics 60 2.5 55 0.80 1:30
Synthetics 40 2.5 55 0.60 1:20
Daily 40 3.0 45 0.50 1:00
Superrapid 30 3.0 37 0.40 0:30
Delicates 30 1.5 60 0.50 0:45
Wool 30 1.0 60 0.30 0:40
Handwash 30 1.0 45 0.30 0:40
Prewash cycle might increase programme duration. Consumption values were measured in normalized conditions in compliance
with Standard IEC 60 456. Consumption data in the home may vary with respect to the values in the table in relation to the
water supply pressure and temperature, the load and the type of wash.
* The remaining time indicator can similarly deviate from the values in the table, because it takes into account the household
conditions applicable at that time.
** To reduce the water temperature, some cold water is added at the end of the main wash cycle, before the pump drains the
water out.
“Spin Speed” button
Every programme has an automatic predefined
maximum spin speed.
Press the button to set another spin speed.
If the spin speed “0” is selected, the final spinning
is cancelled but intermediate spin peaks remain
during rinse. The water is drained out only.
The “Start Delay” allows to run the machine at the
consumer’s convenience, for example at night when
electricity is cheaper.
Select programme, temperature and options.
Press the “Start Delay” button to select the
delay time by 1 to 23 hours;
•Press the
The indication next to the “Start Delay” button
lights up and goes off when the programme
The time delay indication disappears when the
programme starts and it is replaced by the
remaining time.
The number of hours preselected can later be
reduced pressing again the “Start Delay” button.
To cancel the “Start Delay
..before you press the “Start/Pause” button:
Turn the programme selector to the
Reselect the desired programme and options
and press
button to start the
..after having pressed the “Start/Pause”
Press the “Reset” button for at least 3 seconds -
the start delay time disappears from the
remaining time indication,
then either start the chosen programme by
pressing the
button twice
or turn the programme selector knob to the
Off/0” position and chose another programme.
Open the tap and press the
The indication next to the
lights up.
The indications show the sequence reached in the
programme. After starting the programme, the
sequence indication runs from left to right through
Wash, Rinse, Spin.
When the sequence of the programme is finished
the corresponding indication goes out.
“Water Tap Closed”
The appliance has no or insufficient water supply.
Open the water tap; if the indication still lights up,
refer to the “Troubleshooting Guide” in the
Instructions for Use.
“Clean Pump”
Waste water is not pumped out. Check whether the
drain hose is kinked or the filter must be cleaned; in
the latter case refer to the Instructions for Use
(“Removing the Filter”).
“Door Locked”
As long as a washing programme is running, the
lamp lights up to show that the door cannot be
opened. When the indication goes off, the door can
be opened again.
“Water Stop”
Lighting up of the water stop indication can be
caused by a leak in the appliance or hose. Please
refer to the “Troubleshooting Guide” in the
Instructions for Use.
The remaining time is on “0:00” and all the lights
of the programme sequence indication are off.
1. Turn the programme selector to the
2. Close the water tap.
3. Open the door and unload the machine.
4. Leave the door ajar to allow the drum to dry out.
1. Press the
button to pause the
programme. The light flashes.
2. Select the new programme (with temperature),
any options and another spin speed if you want.
3. Press the
button again. The
new programme continues at the same position
where the previous programme was
interrupted. Do not add detergent for this
button cancels a programme before
the end.
•Press the
button for at least 3 seconds.
Any existing water is drained out before the
door can be opened.
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